10 Best Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home


Secure Trash Bins

Use lidded bins or store them in cabinets to prevent pets from rummaging through and ingesting harmful items like food wrappers or chemicals.

Cover Electrical Cords

Conceal cords or use cord protectors to prevent pets from chewing on them, which can lead to electric shocks or injuries.

Friendly Plants

Opt for non-toxic plants such as spider plants or ferns, as many common houseplants can be toxic to pets if ingested.

Supplies Safely

Keep cleaning products in cabinets or high shelves to prevent pets from accessing chemicals that could be harmful if swallowed.

Use Pet Gates

– Install gates to restrict access to certain rooms or areas where pets could get into trouble or be at risk. –

Door Screens

Ensure screens are secure to prevent pets from pushing through or falling out of windows.–

Hide Small Objects

Keep small items like hair ties, jewelry, or children’s toys out of reach to avoid choking hazards or intestinal blockages.

Choose Durable Fabrics

Opt for pet-friendly upholstery and rugs that are easy to clean and less likely to be damaged by scratching or accidents.

Medications Secure

Store human and pet medications in cabinets, as many human medications can be toxic to animals.

Monitor Open Flames

Use enclosed candles or flameless alternatives to prevent pets from knocking over open flames and causing fires or burns.