2024 NBA Draft updates Every pick and reported trade


Stay updated with comprehensive coverage of the 2024 NBA Draft, including every pick and reported trade throughout the event.

First Round Picks

Follow the selections of top prospects in the first round, highlighting each team's strategic choices.

Second Round Picks

Explore the picks made in the second round, focusing on emerging talents and team strategies.

Trades and Transactions

Track reported trades and transactions as teams maneuver to secure their preferred players.

Draft Day Surprises

Discover unexpected picks and surprising moves that shape the future of NBA rosters.

Player Analysis

Gain insights into the strengths and potentials of drafted players, analyzed by basketball experts.

Team Strategies

Understand each team's draft strategy and how it aligns with their roster and long-term goals.

Impact on NBA 

Assess the draft's impact on the NBA landscape, from playoff contenders to rebuilding teams.

Bronny James selected by Los Angeles Lakers in NBA Draft