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Best Times to Drink Apple Juice for Weight Loss


Morning Boost

Start your day with a glass of fresh apple juice to kickstart your metabolism. Its natural sugars provide an energy boost without the caffeine crash.

Pre-Workout Fuel

Drink apple juice about 30 minutes before exercising. The carbohydrates in apples can provide energy, while the hydration helps maintain performance.

Mid-Morning Snack

If you feel hungry mid-morning, a small glass of apple juice can curb cravings. Its fiber content promotes satiety, reducing the urge to snack excessively.


After exercising, replenish your energy with apple juice. Its potassium content helps restore electrolytes lost through sweat.

Before Meals

Drinking apple juice before meals can reduce appetite. The fiber and water content help you feel fuller, potentially leading to reduced calorie intake.

Afternoon Pick-Me

In the afternoon slump, apple juice can provide a natural energy boost. Avoid added sugars and opt for freshly squeezed or no-sugar-added varieties.

Evening Digestion

Consuming apple juice in the evening aids digestion. Its soluble fiber supports gut health and can prevent late-night cravings.

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