Bronny James picked up by the Lakers in second round of NBA draft


The NBA Draft saw Bronny James, son of basketball legend LeBron James, selected by the Los Angeles Lakers in a surprising move.

Draft Day Anticipation

Fans and analysts speculated on Bronny's potential selection, given his pedigree and emerging talent.

Lakers' Draft Strategy

The Lakers' decision to draft Bronny reflects their long-term vision and investment in young talent.

Bronny's Background

Bronny James, known for his versatile play and basketball IQ, has garnered attention in high school and AAU circuits.

Selection Second Round

Bronny was chosen by the Lakers in the second round, signaling confidence in his potential growth and development.

LeBron James' Influence

LeBron's influence likely played a role in Bronny's selection, highlighting family ties and franchise strategy.

Team Dynamics

Teammates and coaching staff welcomed Bronny to the Lakers organization, emphasizing his fit and future role.


Bronny James' selection by the Lakers marks a significant milestone in his basketball career, setting the stage for a promising future in the NBA.

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