Bronny James selected by Los Angeles Lakers in NBA Draft

Bronny James Selected

In a historic moment for basketball, Bronny James, son of NBA legend LeBron James, was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers, continuing the family legacy.

Draft Night Buzz

The NBA Draft buzzed with anticipation as teams considered top prospects, including Bronny James, known for his skills and potential.

Lakers' Decision

The Lakers' decision to draft Bronny James marks a strategic move to secure a promising young talent with strong ties to the NBA's iconic franchise.

Father-Son Legacy

Bronny James follows in his father's footsteps, aiming to carve out his own path in professional basketball.

Fan Reactions

Fans and analysts alike reacted to the news, speculating on Bronny's future impact on the Lakers and the league.

Coach's Perspective

Lakers' coach and management expressed confidence in Bronny's abilities and readiness for the NBA stage.


Bronny James prepares for the upcoming season, focusing on training and development under the Lakers' guidance.

Media Spotlight

The media spotlight intensifies on Bronny James as he embarks on his NBA journey with the Lakers.

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