Biden vs Trump: The Presidential debate

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Explore the high-stakes presidential debate between Biden and Trump, highlighting their contrasting visions for America.

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Debate Venue and Format

Analyze the setting and format of the Biden vs. Trump debate, including moderators and rules.

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Key Issues Discussed

Discuss the critical topics addressed during the debate, from healthcare to immigration and beyond.

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Rhetorical Strategies

Examine the rhetorical tactics employed by Biden and Trump to sway voter opinions.

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Media Coverage and Public

Evaluate how the media covered the debate and the immediate public reactions to the candidates' performances.

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Fact-Checking and Accuracy

Assess the accuracy of statements made by both candidates and the impact on their credibility.

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Policy Proposals

Detail the policy proposals presented by Biden and Trump and their potential implications.

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Audience Engagement

Explore how the debate engaged viewers and its influence on undecided voters.

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