Keto-Friendly Mashed Potatoes

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Cauliflower Mash

Substitute potatoes with cauliflower for a low-carb alternative that fits keto diets.

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Cream Cheese

Add cream cheese for richness without the carbs, enhancing flavor and texture.

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Heavy Cream

Use these keto-friendly fats sparingly to maintain creaminess and taste.

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Infuse mashed cauliflower with garlic and Parmesan for savory depth.

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Coconut Milk

Incorporate coconut milk for a dairy-free option that aligns with keto guidelines.

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Green Onions

Garnish with chives or green onions for added flavor and freshness.

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Blend cauliflower with cheese like cheddar or Gruyere for a decadent keto side dish.

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Almond Flour

Mix in almond flour to adjust consistency and add a nutty flavor.

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Bacon Crumbles

Top with bacon crumbles for a savory, crunchy twist.

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Salt and Pepper

Enhance flavors with salt and pepper to taste, balancing the dish.