Presidential Debate: Biden vs. Trump Roundup

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Biden emphasizes unity and his administration's accomplishments, while Trump highlights economic growth and America-first policies.

Opening Statements

Biden defends his administration's vaccination efforts and mask mandates, contrasting with Trump's emphasis.

COVID-19 Response

Biden advocates for expanding the Affordable Care Act and lowering prescription drug prices, contrasting with Trump's focus.

Healthcare Policies

Biden supports a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and reforms to border policies.

Immigration Reform

Biden highlights rejoining the Paris Agreement and investing in clean energy, contrasting with Trump's skepticism.

Climate Change

Biden outlines plans for infrastructure investment and job creation, contrasting with Trump's record.

Economic Recovery

Biden emphasizes diplomacy and alliances, contrasting with Trump's America-first approach and skepticism.

Foreign Policy

Biden supports police reform and addressing systemic racism, contrasting with Trump's focus on law.

Racial Justice

Biden advocates for expanding access to affordable education and student loan forgiveness, contrasting with Trump's emphasis.


Biden reaffirms his commitment to unity and progress, contrasting with Trump's vision of America-first.

Closing Statements