The Hunger Games Was So Much More Than a Job to Donald Sutherland


Donald Sutherland reflects on his experience in "The Hunger Games," emphasizing its profound impact beyond acting.

Role of President Snow

Sutherland portrayed President Snow, the authoritarian leader of Panem, with complex motivations and layers.

Personal Connection

The actor developed a deep personal connection to the character, exploring Snow's psychology and motivations.

Challenges and Rewards

Sutherland discussed the challenges and rewards of portraying such a nuanced and controversial character.

Impact on Career

His role as President Snow elevated Sutherland's career, showcasing his versatility and dramatic range.

Cultural Phenomenon

"The Hunger Games" became a cultural phenomenon, influencing discussions on politics, power, and resistance.

Legacy of the Series

The series' legacy extends beyond entertainment, sparking dialogue on social justice and totalitarianism.


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